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Naturomatic Wellness Management 


"A New Art of Healing"

for Body, Mind, Time, Place, Article & Soul

A complimentary, alternative, non-invasive, psycho-yogic-spiritual, drug-less therapy that can 

Diagnose, Heal, Treat, Rehabilitate, Rejuvenate & Relax easily 


NWM tools for diagnosis:

NWM Life Assessment  

NWM Touch Diagnosis 

NWM Nidanam

NWM Diagnoses, different aspects of your life like childhood, education, relationship, occupation, abundance, health problems & ailments, the status of chakras, divine support and so on... 


NWM tools for Healing:

NWM Spiritual Healing & Hurdles Removal

NWM Seeding

NWM Divine Guidance

NWM VedicVastu (for home or office)

NWM Heals you at different levels (Body, Mind & Soul) like Love & Relationship, Abundance, karmic hurdles at  annmay kosh, pranmay kosh, gyanmay kosh, manomay kosh, anandmay kosh and different chakras.


NWM tools for Rehabilitation 

 NWM Abhyangam 

NWM Touch Treatment

NWM Nasyam / Gandusham

NWM rehabilitation services are very helpful and effective in neurological, oncological, pulmonological, gastroenterological, endocrinological, cardiological, requirements.



NWM tools for Treatment

NWM Aaahaaram

NWM KarmYog4All (Active & Passive)

NWM Abhyangam 

NWM Rainbow (treatment by colours)

NWM Treats body mind and soul Naturomatically can treat acute and chronic ailments and problems.


NWM tools for Rejuvenation:

NWM B&EA Breathing & Element's activation

NWM Shashank Sadhna 

NWM Shakti Sadhna

NWM helps in rejuvenation by different (micro and macro) breathing and physical activities.(Obesity, figure correction, detoxification, learning disabilities geriatrics and lifestyle correction etc. related services )


NWM tools for Relaxation

NWM Samandhyanm

NWM Chakra Santulan 

NWM Dhavni Dharana

NWM PyraMed

NWM relaxation services are for mental-emotional, problems. different types of stress and anxiety we can manage by NWM.

NWM Meditative techniques are very useful for beginners and advanced spiritual growth.

                  All services are available,                   in 1  to 1 or in distance mode